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Tech Day 2022 Was held Saturday, May 7th

The Club had a great tech session with around 20 car and repair owners.  Many thanks to George Haynes for all his hard work and great success. And to Tom A. for hosting.  Tom will be retiring soon for a well-deserved retirement. He has worked on Triumphs professionally since the days of Best Motors in the 60’s.  He straightened out George’s car yesterday.  Many projects were completed.  Alan A. got his SU’s back in shape thanks mostly to Larry W.  It seemed to be the center of attention in the shop. Don R. did an oil change. John F. got a solution to his door window problem. And Scott H. got to blow his own horn.  I’m sure there were many more  projects completed and the whole fleet of LBC (Little British Cars) are better off for the work.


Again, thanks to George for all his hard work.  And to all the experts!

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Alan Davis Memorial Run, June 8th, 2022

A total of 14 people participated, driving eight Triumphs including a TR-3, TR-4’s and TR-4A’s, and TR-6’s.  We met at South Town Plaza in Rochester.  We crossed the Genesee River and turned south on 383 Scottsville Road, then southwest bound to Oatka Road. This road is curvy and tree-lined, a great drive.  We finished up with a nice dinner in Stafford at the Red Osier Restaurant. We had nice conversation, interesting car stories, and plenty of laughs. 

20220608_180959 smaller edited.jpg
20220608_180948 smaller edited.jpg
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The Rochester Triumph Club is officially called the Greater Rochester Triumph Touring Club.
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