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Twelve people attended the Tour of 4 Shops on April 29th. 

A special thanks go to Andy, Mike, Chris and Rick for their hospitality and sharing.  Wow!  We were overwhelmed by the complexity of the work they have undertaken, and the knowledge and skill of all those who shared.  Several people commented that it was inspirational.

Many thanks to all those who attended our club shops tour.  We hope everyone had a good time and positive take away. We appreciated all who attended and made for a great event.

2 Small Andy everyone RTC Shop Tour.jpg
1 Small Andy 9 people RTC Shop Tour 1.jpg
3 Small Mikes w Chris 20230429_113235.jpg
4 Small Chris good 20230429_121637.jpg
The Rochester Triumph Club is officially called the Greater Rochester Triumph Touring Club.
5 Small Chris good 20230429_123330.jpg
6 Small Rick real good RTC Shop Tour 5.jpg
7 Small Rick w Mike 20230429_143209.jpg

Tech Day / Tune Up Day 2023 05 06

The Club just completed their Tech Session which was well attended. We had just short of 30 people and 15 cars. Several new members showed up and contributed significantly. Some of long term members also contributed their expertise and a big shout out to all who helped. Much appreciated. It's the only way we are going to keep these old beauty's running.

I could give you a list of what was accomplished but not enough space or time. Many parts orders will be going in this week.  Parts are getting a little more difficult to find but overall I would say they are still available. Better than some other marques of our vintage. Price is not what it used to be but we should be grateful. If anyone has issues with finding a part, give email. I know a guy......

Chris Holliday


Fall Foliage TourSaturday, October 14th.

We took the train this year. We took the longer train ride - the Arcade & Attica Railroad from Arcade NY.  That was followed by about an hour car drive through the leaves for an early dinner.  Despite the weather, a nice time was had by all.

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