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Approved October 26 2023

Article 1 NAME


The name of this organization shall be the Greater Rochester Triumph Touring Club (GRTTC,) hereinafter known as the CLUB.  The full name or GRTTC shall appear on all correspondence, newsletters, and promotional materials, etc. concerning GRTTC.




The purpose of the club, a not-for-profit organization, shall be:


  1.  To encourage the ownership, care, and safe driving of Triumph automobiles,


  1.  To conduct automotive events, exhibits and social interaction which shall serve the membership, and


c) To develop and disseminate technical information relevant to the preservation and restoration of the Triumph Automobile marque.




a) The Club shall establish a Constitution approved by a majority of the Club membership. In addition, the elected Board of Officers, hereafter called the Board, shall establish Rules of Operation that do not require Club approval and may be changed by the Board.  The Board shall notify the Club of any changes (to the Rules of Operation) which may be amended by a majority vote of the membership.


b) The organization of the GRTTC corporation organizational structure shall be that of a 501 (c) (7), not for profit social and recreation club as defined by the IRS and the State of New York.


c) This constitution and Rules of Operation shall be available to any member and posted on the GRTTC web site


d) The Club is a chapter of the Vintage Triumph Register (VTR.)  VTR maintains a web site at




Membership in the club shall be based upon the following criteria:


a) The GRTTC is open to owners of all models of Triumph automobiles.  Membership shall consist of the automobile owner and the partner of the owner.  Partners are considered full members and may hold Club elected office;


b) Members in good standing may vote in any election;


c) Previous Club members may be granted an exception to the Triumph Automobile ownership requirement by the Club Board;


d) Members must be of responsible age and possess a valid driver's license to participate in driving events.


    Article V MEETINGS


  1.  The annual meeting of the Club shall be held during the month of October or as early thereafter as possible but before December 31 of that year.  All Club meetings shall be open to all club members  and will be held at such time and place as the Club Board  shall designate.  Said time and place shall be posted on the Club website at least 30 days prior.  This meeting shall be for the purpose of conducting Club business and for electing Officers for the coming term, which shall begin on

January 1st .


b) All meetings shall be conducted under Roberts Rules of Order unless a majority of those present determine for that meeting not to follow Roberts Rules of Order by majority vote.




a) The management of the Club shall be vested in the elected Officers of the Club who shall consist of:


  1. President

  2. Secretary

  3. Treasurer

  4. Events Coordinator

  5. Publicity/Web-site Coordinator


b) The President shall be the principle Executive Officer of the Club and shall preside at all Club meetings and at meetings of the Officers.


c) The Board may appoint Club members as committee Chairs as needed for special responsibilities, projects or events.


d) The Secretary shall be the arbitrator of all interpretations of this Constitution and any other documents of the Club, subject to the approval of the Board.


            e) The Board shall make all final determinations of any Club issue not addressed in this Constitution, or requested by Club members.  The Board determination shall be final unless a majority of the Club membership determines differently by formal vote.


f) In the event a board member is unable or unwilling to perform their duties and formally resigns, the Board shall appoint an interim Board member with full responsibilities until a formal election can be held.  




a) The Club treasurer shall maintain all financial records including all income and expenditures.




b) The Board shall establish an itemized budget for the fiscal year prior to the annual meeting in October.  This budget shall be of sufficient detail to include estimated expenditures and income to cover club operations for the year. All items included are considered approved if included in this budget that was approved by the Board.  Adjustments may be made without further approval as long as item totals are not exceeded. This approved budget may be changed at any time by a Board vote. 

c) The membership of any member shall automatically be suspended for cause or if indebted to the Club for more than 30 days.  Such a member shall therefore forfeit all dues and fees already paid, and appropriate legal action may be pursued.  The member may be reinstated by the Board upon full payment of all outstanding amounts and the resolution of all issues. 


d) Under no circumstances shall the Club, its property, the Officers, or members be responsible for any debts, damages or liabilities of any kind or nature incurred or sustained by any person acting in the Club's name, but not approved by the Board.


e) The Club membership dues shall be determined by the Board annually, and notice shall be distributed to all members and published on the Club website prior to January 1st.  Non-payment of dues after April 1st shall be cause for suspension of membership rights and privileges including voting rights.  A member shall be reinstated to all membership rights and privileges 15 days following payment of delinquent dues.  New members shall enjoy full rights and privileges after full payment of dues.





a) This Constitution may be amended by the affirmative vote of the majority of the membership present in person or electronically at a Club meeting.  Each proposed amendment shall have been circulated by the Club Secretary through written notice, or electronically, to the membership at least 14 days prior to the date set for voting.


b) The written notice shall contain a statement as to time, date, place and manner of voting which shall have been determined by the Board.  Amendments to this Constitution may be proposed by any member in good standing by formal motion and second prior to or at any club meeting.  Approval shall be by subsequent approval as shown in (a) above with the required two-week notice.  


c) Proposed amendments may be changed, modified or re-worded at the Club meeting by a motion and a second for the change as long as the change is clerical and consistent with the original proposed amendment.





In the event the GRTTC is disbanded, any remaining assets will be donated to a charitable organization; said organization to be determined by the Board.  The Club will be unincorporated.

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